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Bar, Sheet & Board Racks

Our range of sheet, board and bar racks can be used to neatly store sheet materials such as timber, plywood and steel or even awkwardly shaped products such as doors and pipes. These material storage racks are commonly found in DIY and trade outlets to enable customers to easily select the boards/products that they require but can also be used in workshops and factories to store base materials in convenient storage locations.

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Vertical Sheet & Board Rack

Vertical Sheet & Board Rack£211.00

Variable Height Sheet Material Rack

Variable Height Sheet Material Rack£255.00

Vertical Board Storage Rack

Vertical Board Storage Rack£327.00  -  £551.00

Bar Storage Racks

Bar Storage Racks£330.00  -  £490.00

Heavy Duty Bar Storage Racks

Heavy Duty Bar Storage Racks£379.92  -  £509.75

Heavy Duty Mobile Bar Storage Rack

Heavy Duty Mobile Bar Storage Rack£710.00

Cantilever Racking Unit

Cantilever Racking Unit£350.00  -  £774.00

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Page 1 of 1:    7 Items