Lever Arch Storage

Lever arch files are commonplace in virtually all offices with the most popular sizes being A4 and Foolscap. A popular way to store these file holders is to use dedicated shelving systems that are specially designed to minimise wasted space. There are a number of systems that can be used for this task, our Trimline shelving system can be easily configured to suit this type of office filing as can our delta-edge steel panel system. Offices will usually have a full wall's length of file shelving, using the adjustability of the shelves to store a variety of differently sized folders (typically 5 or 6 levels in height).

When dealing with large volumes of files stored in lever arch folders, the most efficient solutions use mobile shelving to create ultra high density storage - whilst still retaining quick and easy access to all of the files. Movable lever arch file racks can benefit small offices and large archive rooms alike, this can reduce the storage space required or dramatically increasing overall capacity. The image below-left features a large mobile system capable of holding thousands of file boxes, perforated backsheets were specified on this project to help promote natural air circulation.

If large volumes of documents need to be stored then a more efficient solution is to use the 'landscape' lever arch folder shown in blue, this requires a deeper shelf unit (not suitable for all applications) but can result in as much as a 30% increase in storage capacity.

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