2015 Archive

23 December 2015  |  Jon
Mobile Shelving For A Photographic Studio

Our mobile garment racking system provides the perfect way to hang large volumes of clothing in a relatively small space. This type of system is most commonly used by fashion retailers but it can be perfect for other businesses too...

17 December 2015  |  Jon
Industrial Roller Racking Phase 2 For DLR

After a successful first phase of mobile racking conversion, the DLR service depot at Beckton decided to mobilise their entire central stores area...

19 October 2015  |  Jon
Lancashire Records Office Audio Room

Not every project that we feature here on the website falls within the typical mobile shelving, archive storage or stockroom racking category. Sometimes we are asked to work on something a little different and this interesting project is one of those occasions...

10 September 2015  |  Jon
Westfield Bradford Broadway Opens 5th November

EZR is busy carrying out site surveys finalising layout designs for stockroom racking for a number of retailers that are opening new stores when the new Westfield Bradford shopping centre opens its doors on 5th November 2015...

31 July 2015  |  Jon
Mobile Shelving Conversion For DLR

The train care depot at Beckton is responsible for maintaining and servicing the trains and carriages operating on the Docklands light railway. Within this depot is a large engineering stores facility full of assorted nuts, bolts, screws and spare parts...

30 June 2015  |  Jon
Portable Computing In Schools 2015

For a long time now, laptops have been the machine of choice for schools and education facilities. Their portability has brought about a massive change in teaching methods and now every lesson can incorporate computing in some form...

14 April 2015  |  Jon
Epic Storage Solution For 1 Million DVDs

Ever wondered how mail-order film rental companies manage to store and manage all those DVD discs?...

24 March 2015  |  Jon
EZR Pallet Racking Upgrade For Batten & Allen

The EZR shelving team have just completed another large warehouse racking project - this time upgrading an old factory pallet racking system for Batten & Allen.

24 February 2015  |  Jon
Multi-Million Dollar Shelving Project For Acklands-Grainger

A recent project completed for Acklands-Grainger has extensively used heavy duty E-Z-RECT Type 1 shelving to make the very best use of all available space in their new distribution centre in Richmond, British Columbia...