2018 Archive

14 December 2018  |  Jon
Slotted Construction Angle Back In Stock

We are pleased to announce the return of our popular slotted construction angle which is due to be back in stock from the middle of January 2019...

27 November 2018  |  Jon
PUWER Regulations Mini Guide

The PUWER regulations (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations - 1998) should play an important role in any business that requires people to operate machinery and equipment. This helpful mini guide tells you what you need to know to stay within the regulations...

23 October 2018  |  Jon
Load Sign Requirements For Racking

Load signs for racking units play an important role in ensuring that your storage racks are used correctly but are they really required for shelving units?

14 September 2018  |  Jon
EZR's Top 10 Safe Manual Handling Tips

Taking care whilst moving large or heavy objects within the workplace can help reduce the chance of accidents and serious injuries occurring, here are our 10 top tips for safe manual handling...

13 August 2018  |  Jon
10 Essential Tips For Using Step Ladders Safely

Although the working at height regulations have been in force for a number of years there are still people working dangerously with step ladders in the workplace.

Here are our 10 top safety safety tips to help prevent accidents in the workplace...

1 March 2018  |  Jon
Designing The Perfect Retail Stockroom

We work with many retailers from small independents to large multiple chains but we find that many have very similar stockroom issues that restrict and hamper their business we solve their problems with our unique storage design...