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Be Positive - Recycle Your Batteries

Thursday, 12 March 2015  |  Jon

Battery recycling binRecycling is one of the easiest ways to help save our planet and thankfully it is something we can all take part in on a daily basis. Our technologically led lives bring many benefits to everyday life and sometimes we wonder how on earth we would manage without our 'devices' but most of them rely on the humble battery to operate. Batteries may bring our gadgets to life but they are full of harmful chemicals that should not end up as landfill waste - especially when they can be easily recycled.

For many years the impact of disposable batteries was blunted by the increase in rechargeables but sadly the advent of many discount retailers offering cheap (short- life) batteries, combined with the ever increasing demand for battery powered devices has compounded the problem. Retailers, specifically those who sell more than 32kg of batteries every year are actually required by law to offer clearly defined recycling bins for batteries, 32kg is actually the equivalent of only 1 pack of AA batteries being sold per day!

I personally have seen recycling bins in many of the larger stores and consumers are starting to get the idea that this is something we need to act on sooner rather than later. This is why we have introduced what we consider to be one of the best battery recycling bins out there to our range of bins. With its fun shape and inspiring message combined with a durable construction we feel it is a great way to encourage people to dispose of their batteries correctly - not only for shops but for schools and offices too.