2017 Archive

31 October 2017  |  Jon
Unique High End Trainer Store Opens In London

A new shop in Percy Street W1T which is a collaboration between Crep Protect - the shoe care specialists and Presented By delivers a truly unique experience for shoppers who love top brand trainers...

18 August 2017  |  Jon
A Guide To Archive Box Storage

Archive boxes (also known as file boxes, document boxes, office box files or banker's box) provide the perfect solution for archiving documents, the low purchase price of cardboard archive boxes mean this type of storage solution is suitable for all businesses no matter what the size...

2 May 2017  |  Jon
Clever Storage Design Elements

Creating innovative storage solutions utilising clever storage design techniques is essential to make sure you maximise whatever space you have available.

At EZR we provide a free storage design service with a mission to make sure that you get the best solution at the most effective cost...

4 April 2017  |  Jon
Shelving Capacities - What is UDL?

Uniform distributed load (UDL) is a phrase commonly used by shelving suppliers to help explain how much weight can be safely stored on each shelf section. Uniform distributed load dictates that products should be stored evenly...

19 January 2017  |  Jon
Keep School Corridors Tidy With EZR Lockers & Storage Solutions

Storage lockers play in integral part in how schools deal with the huge number of bags, coats and equipment that children bring into school on a daily basis. Due to their narrow profile, school storage lockers can be easily installed into previously under-utilised corridors, where a relatively large number of units can be installed without affecting usable space...