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New LapCabby Lyte Range Announced

1 CommentFriday, 17 June 2016  |  Jon

New LapCabby Lyte Range AnnouncedBuilding on the success of their popular laptop charging trolleys, LapCabby are now introducing a new range of static units.

The models in this new "Lyte" range have been designed to offer a more compact solution. Thanks to smaller footprints, these charging stations can be used in much more convenient locations.

A variety of static charging lockers have been developed that cater for laptops, chromebooks, tablets and even mobile phones. One of the most innovative new products is a wall mountable charging cabinet that brings tablet charging facilities to even the smallest of classrooms or offices. Wall Lyte can store and re-charge up to 10 tablet computers in a very shallow unit thanks to cleverly angled shelves - despite its small dimensions you still get an isolated power compartment and convenient cable management systems.

One unit which is sure to prove popular with schools is the Lyte Multi, this charging locker can be supplied with a 10, 16, 20 or 32 device capacity and each compartment has its own programmable digital keypad lock - perfect for BYOD users.

LapCabby Lyte charging cabinets will be available for delivery from mid October 2016. The full range will be available to order online very soon but in the meantime please contact us for further information.

Monday, 20 June 2016  |  9:17

Look forward to the launch of this innovative new product