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Used Longspan Racking Offer

Monday, 8 January 2018  |  Jon

If your business needs some high quality longspan racking but new items are outside of your budget, we may just have something that will help you out.

Update 19/01/2018: Sold - No longer Available

One of our clients has 32 bays of second hand longspan racking (Esmena brand) that they need to clear to make way for a new storage solution. We have included a few photographs below to show you what you would be getting but it is essentially enough racking components to create around 32 bays (depending upon how you configure them), with 4 to 5 shelf levels in each. The posts are mainly 2.5m high with a few cut down to 2.1m. Nominal shelf width is 1800mm and depth is 600mm - a very popular size.

Important note: We advertised this used racking on behalf of our client to help them clear their warehouse in readness for our new storage solution. We do not purchase or sell 2nd hand racking ourselves.

Used Warehouse Racking - Longspan