EZR Storage Plan Designer V4


The EZR plan designer has been designed primarily for use on desktop computers or laptops running a modern browser. The software can be used on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets but due the reduced accuracy of touchscreen controls, exact positioning and rotation may prove more difficult.


Use the directional arrows (keyboard keys also work) to draw the outline of your room, after each arrow press you will be prompted to enter a wall length in mm [e.g. 5000], dimensions will be automatically added to every wall that is 500mm or longer. The red cursor position denotes the start point of your next line, this can be dragged to a new location to allow for doorways etc. Lines cannot be moved once drawn but an individual line segment can be removed by selecting it and then pressing the delete key/button.

Once the overall room is drawn, choose from our 3 main shelving and racking products : Trimline, Type 1 & Longspan. Next, select your shelving bay options such as height, shelf size, number of shelves etc. then click on the add bay button to add a bay of shelving. Individual bays can then be dragged around the screen and positioned accordingly (as well as being rotated). All of these products work on the 'Starter & Add-On' bay principle allowing you to save money when creating long runs of connected shelving. Choose 'Starter' for full free-standing units from the options then change it to 'Add-On' to add extensions. When adding more bays, there is a snapping feature that helps you align neighbouring racks accurately.

Pressing the +Label button allows you to add custom text anywhere on the plan, simply enter your label text and click OK to add it to the layout. This can be re-positioned and rotated just like shelving bays but can also be scaled up/down in size by using the corner sizing handles.

Once you have your layout finalised, use the print button to either print a hard copy of your layout or use your browsers 'print to pdf' option to save a copy on your computer. Visit the EZR Shelving website to select your products and buy securely online or send us your layout for a competitive quotation.