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Our extensive range of industrial warehouse trolleys provide practical solutions for transporting heavy and bulky items between locations. When purchasing workplace equipment it is essential to understand where the equipment is to be used and what type of products you are working with. For example, not all warehouse duties require a heavy duty low load platform truck, if there are picking duties then a shelf truck or a combination step-shelf trolley will provide provide a more practical and efficient solution.

Our longspan shelving trolleys combine our strong modular racking system with sturdy castor wheels to create a movable storage rack that can also double up as a preparation or packing bench for your warehouse or workshop. Our durable, heavy duty trolleys are manufactured to the highest standards and are suitable for all warehouses, factories and logistics & distribution centres. If you require any help with your purchase please give us a call on 01993 779494.

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Narrow Aisle Shelf Trolley

Narrow Aisle Shelf TrolleyFrom:  £410.00

Industrial Wheelbarrow Skip

Industrial Wheelbarrow SkipFrom:  £359.00

Medium Duty 3 Step Shelf Trolley

Medium Duty 3 Step Shelf TrolleyFrom:  £336.00

Vulcan Premium 2500kg Pallet Truck

Vulcan Premium 2500kg Pallet TruckFrom:  £316.88

Vulcan 2000kg Pallet Truck

Vulcan 2000kg Pallet TruckFrom:  £294.00

Plastic Container Truck - 360 Litre

Plastic Container Truck - 360 Litre£304.38   £285.00

500kg Platform Truck With Mesh Side Panels

500kg Platform Truck With Mesh Side PanelsFrom:  £209.31

Zinc Plated Mesh Sided Platform Truck - 700kg

Zinc Plated Mesh Sided Platform Truck - 700kgFrom:  £253.73

Narrow Aisle Shelf Truck

Narrow Aisle Shelf Truck£249.00

Heavy Duty Platform Truck - 500Kg Capacity

Heavy Duty Platform Truck - 500Kg CapacityFrom:  £194.12

Longspan Shelving Trolley

Longspan Shelving TrolleyFrom:  £177.80

Heavy Duty Turntable Truck

Heavy Duty Turntable Truck£185.50   £167.00

Industrial Drum Truck Trolley - 270KG Capacity

Industrial Drum Truck Trolley - 270KG CapacityFrom:  £159.00

Workshop Tool Trolley With Drawers

Workshop Tool Trolley With DrawersFrom:  £154.00

Pneumatic Tyre Sack Truck - 200kg

Pneumatic Tyre Sack Truck - 200kg£124.25   £118.00

Mobile Mailsack Holder - Double

Mobile Mailsack Holder - Double£111.85

Workshop Tool Trolley

Workshop Tool TrolleyFrom:  £105.04

Mobile Mailsack Holder - Single

Mobile Mailsack Holder - Single£86.16

3 Position Sack Truck - 300kg

3 Position Sack Truck - 300kg£132.00   £85.00

Sack Truck - 150kg Capacity

Sack Truck - 150kg Capacity£54.00   £42.00

Folding Platform Trolley

Folding Platform TrolleyFrom:  £39.00


Page 1 of 1:    23 Items