Fabric Roll Storage

Storing fabric within a stockroom requires a specific style of shelving that provides enough depth to cope with long rolls of cloth and material. The images here show an example of fabric shelving used by a retailer who required easy to access storage for their large stock of fabric rolls.

A close relation to carpet racking, this type of storage system is built from our standard heavy duty Type 1 components. To achieve the required shelf depth two shelving bays are positioned one behind the other. Large sheets of chipboard bridge the gap between them, creating a nice flat surface for the fabric rolls to easily slide in and out of the rack.

Many of the shelving bays shown here were designed to include varying post heights that matched the sloping angle of the roof, improving the overall capacity of the racking system.

Fabric storage shelves are usually bespoke to each installation, please contact us to find out how our cost-effective fabric storage solutions can help improve your stockroom or stores area.

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