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Build Your Own Bays

These component shelving and racking parts can be used to create custom bay configurations to suit your exact requirements.

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Trimline Shelving End Frame

Trimline Shelving End FrameFrom:  £22.56

Trimline Chipboard Shelf Level

Trimline Chipboard Shelf LevelFrom:  £7.29

Trimline Inboard Garment Rail Assembly

Trimline Inboard Garment Rail AssemblyFrom:  £12.75

Trimline Outboard Garment Rails (1 Pair)

Trimline Outboard Garment Rails (1 Pair)From:  £7.00

Trimline Heavy Duty Shelves - Chipboard

Trimline Heavy Duty Shelves - ChipboardFrom:  £9.22

Trimline Melamine Shelf Level

Trimline Melamine Shelf LevelFrom:  £8.66

Trimline Heavy Duty Shelves - Melamine

Trimline Heavy Duty Shelves - MelamineFrom:  £10.59

Trimline Shelving Baskets

Trimline Shelving Baskets£40.72

Trimline Plastic Foot

Trimline Plastic Foot£1.02

Trimline Post Cap

Trimline Post Cap£1.00

Trimline Shelf Retaining Clip

Trimline Shelf Retaining Clip£0.54

Side Mount Bolted Footplate

Side Mount Bolted Footplate£2.00

Single Top Mount Bolted Footplate

Single Top Mount Bolted Footplate£2.00

Type 1 End Frame

Type 1 End FrameFrom:  £30.38

Type 1 Shelf Level

Type 1 Shelf LevelFrom:  £11.20

Type 1 Footplate

Type 1 Footplate£1.00

Type 1 Post Cap

Type 1 Post Cap£1.00

Rubber Assembly Mallet

Rubber Assembly Mallet£4.90

Longspan Frames

Longspan FramesFrom:  £31.82

Longspan Shelf Levels

Longspan Shelf LevelsFrom:  £18.72

Galvanised Longspan Shelf Levels

Galvanised Longspan Shelf LevelsFrom:  £32.00

Longspan Beams (Pair)

Longspan Beams (Pair)From:  £13.24

Longspan Assembly Kit

Longspan Assembly Kit£7.50

Longspan Post Cap

Longspan Post Cap£1.00

Construction Angle Corner Plates - Pack of 50

Construction Angle Corner Plates - Pack of 50£17.50

M8 Nuts and Bolts - Pack of 100

M8 Nuts and Bolts - Pack of 100£5.00

Chrome Wire Upright Post

Chrome Wire Upright PostFrom:  £5.08

Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelf Level

Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelf LevelFrom:  £10.50

Chrome Shelving Add-On Clip

Chrome Shelving Add-On Clip£0.97

Longspan Chipboard Support Bar

Longspan Chipboard Support BarFrom:  £3.45


Page 1 of 1:    34 Items