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Commercial Grade Chrome & Wire Shelving Racks

Choose from our extensive range of chrome wire shelves and accessories suitable for a wide range of applications. Every shelf unit and individual component from this range is made to the highest standards to provide a long service life in commercial and industrial storage areas. We are one of the UK's leading suppliers of chrome racking and our low prices allow you to create very cost-effective wire storage solutions that suit your business needs. Buy full bays of racking as shown below or select individual parts to build a bespoke unit of your own.

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Eclipse Heavy Duty Chrome Shelving H1625mm

Eclipse Heavy Duty Chrome Shelving H1625mmFrom:  £86.40

Chrome Shelving Unit On Wheels

Chrome Shelving Unit On WheelsFrom:  £146.00

Cold Store Wire Shelving - H1625mm

Cold Store Wire Shelving - H1625mmFrom:  £102.40

Chrome Shelving Mesh Back Display Unit

Chrome Shelving Mesh Back Display UnitFrom:  £112.00

Eclipse Chrome Wire Corner Shelving Unit

Eclipse Chrome Wire Corner Shelving UnitFrom:  £81.60

Chrome Wire Lipped Shelf Rack

Chrome Wire Lipped Shelf RackFrom:  £112.00

Chrome Wire Sloping Shelving

Chrome Wire Sloping ShelvingFrom:  £134.40

Chrome Shelving Garment Rack

Chrome Shelving Garment RackFrom:  £86.20

Chrome Wire Shelving Trolley - 2 Tier

Chrome Wire Shelving Trolley - 2 TierFrom:  £97.60

Chrome Wire Trolley - 3 Tier

Chrome Wire Trolley - 3 TierFrom:  £113.60

Wire Basket Trolley

Wire Basket TrolleyFrom:  £110.40

Chrome Wire Upright Post

Chrome Wire Upright PostFrom:  £6.00

Cold Store Wire Shelving Post

Cold Store Wire Shelving PostFrom:  £6.00

Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelf Level

Eclipse Chrome Wire Shelf LevelFrom:  £13.60

Chrome Garment Rail & Brackets

Chrome Garment Rail & BracketsFrom:  £8.00

Wire Shelving Clip-On Label Holders

Wire Shelving Clip-On Label HoldersFrom:  £30.80

Chrome Shelving Shelf Divider

Chrome Shelving Shelf DividerFrom:  £4.48

Square Chrome Wire Display Unit - H760mm

Square Chrome Wire Display Unit - H760mmFrom:  £69.60


Page 1 of 1:    25 Items

Further Information About Industrial Wire Shelving Units

Thanks to the industrial grade welded steel wires, our commercial grade chrome wire shelving system has a very high shelf load capacity of up to 300kg (UDL), this combined with easily adjustable shelves and simple boltless assembly means that these shelves can be used in nearly all industries. With a wipe-clean surface and a design that naturally deters the build up of dust and debris, wire shelf units are a popular choice for catering, hospitality (laundry) and medical services whilst also being suited to general office storage, stockrooms and even retail display.

The eclipse range of shelving units can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes and styles, choose from flat, lipped or sloping shelves to best suit the items that you need to store, a range of add-on components and accessories are also available to cater for a variety of storage tasks. Chrome wire shelf trolleys add swivel wheels to standard racks to offer a practical, flexible and affordable mobile storage solution for any business. No matter what your need, our extensive range of products allows us to offer a one-stop shop for all your commercial shelving unit storage requirements.

Are Chrome Shelving Units Easy To Build?

Yes, as the wire shelves attach directly to the posts, there are no bolts or screws to worry about. Standard chrome wire storage racks are incredibly easy to build - typically only taking 5 minutes to assemble. Each shelf level locks down onto special plastic collars which can be set at your desired height, then simply slide the shelf down over the 4 posts and tap into position. If you need to adjust any of the levels, just tap upwards to release the shelf then re-arrange the plastic collars to their new position and re-seat.

Download Link: Wire Shelving Asembly Instructions