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Industrial Workbenches & Workstations

When there is manual work to do, a workbench will make it so much easier. There are many different types of bench available and we have something for everyone. Choose a compact bench or workstation for small tasks like packaging and prep work. Industrial workbenches will increase weight capacity and provide extra surface area to work with. Our range of welded steel workbenches are for perfect for heavy duty engineering applications.

Both medium and heavy duty workbenches can be designed to suit your specific requirements, call us for further information.

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Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue MatsFrom:  £27.00

Anti-Fatigue Safety Mats - Black/Yellow

Anti-Fatigue Safety Mats - Black/YellowFrom:  £29.09

Compact Boltless Workbench

Compact Boltless WorkbenchFrom:  £54.14

Compact Workstation

Compact Workstation£107.95

Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats

Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue MatsFrom:  £56.45

Heavy Duty Boltless Work Bench

Heavy Duty Boltless Work BenchFrom:  £82.93

Heavy Duty Workstation

Heavy Duty Workstation£184.39

Medium Duty Workbench

Medium Duty WorkbenchFrom:  £81.27

Rubber Assembly Mallet

Rubber Assembly Mallet£4.90

Small Parts Workstation With 40 Bins

Small Parts Workstation With 40 Bins£185.00

T-Bar Heavy Duty Workbench

T-Bar Heavy Duty WorkbenchFrom:  £74.79

Workbench Divider Rack

Workbench Divider Rack£198.54

Workzone Moulded Duckboard Matting

Workzone Moulded Duckboard MattingFrom:  £72.29


Page 1 of 1:    14 Items