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Mezzanine Storage & Multi-Tier Shelving

Mezzanine racking systems providing high density storage platforms that can double the square footage of your existing storage area. Browse through our range of products to find a raised racking system that suits your needs, if you need any help please call us on 01993 779494.

Mezzanine Floors

A simple and effective way to increase usable floor space whilst making use of the available height in a warehouse or stockroom is to install a Mezzanine floor. This free-standing solution provides an upper 2nd floor level that can be used to either increase existing storage capacity or to create a lower level work area with storage above.

Mezzanine flooring is often added to a warehouse area to avoid an expensive relocation as a business grows, adding an extra level in this way provides a very cost-effective way of increasing storage capacity.

Mezzanine Floor Installation

Reasons To Install A Mezzanine:

  • Increased storage capacity
  • Cost effective storage solution
  • Removes the need for warehouse relocation
  • Available for any size or scale of warehouse
  • Use with extra levels of racking or as flat storage space
  • Flexible and bespoke designs to meet your requirements
  • Mezzanines can adapt  to existing structures
  • Quickly installed with minimum disruption to your business
  • High quality, steel construction designed to last

When you purchase a Mezzanine storage solution from EZR Shelving, the whole project will be managed and seen through to a successful completion in a professional and timely manner. Whatever the size or scale of installation required, EZR can provide the solution that is right for your business.

  • Free no obligation site survey
  • Free Mezzanine CAD design service
  • Professionally installed by our fully trained staff

Building regulations apply with all mezzanines and we are happy to include the application within our quotation if necessary.

As a general rule mezzanine floors cost in the region of £75 per square metre based on an area of 10m x 6m, please contact us with your requirements so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation.

Mezzanine Floor Design

We are specialists in designing and installing mezzanine floors for your storage requirements, our mezzanine floor designs will provide you with the maximum amount of storage space on more than 1 level.

We have prepared several PDF documents relating to the design of mezzanine floors and mezzanine shelving including the relevant building regulations.

Download our mezzanine floor design guide.

Design Guide - Mezzanine Floors


View a summary of Part B of the current building regulations covering Fire Safety. 

Building Regs Part B Download 

Download a summary of Part M of the current building regulations covering Disabled Access.

Part K of the current building regulations covers Protection from Falling.

Building Regs Part K Download 

Please contact us if you need any further information regarding mezzanine floor design.

Two Tier Shelving

Two Tier shelving is a cost effective solution that utilises all of the available building headroom without the need for a separate structural mezzanine floor. 2 Tier shelving is best described as extra-tall shelving with a raised aisle that is suspended to create a walkway accessed by a staircase.

The photograph above shows a typical application where both the ground and upper floors contain racking that is used for storing retail products. Heavy duty chipboard flooring laid in between the shelving bays combined with a robust staircase provide a very secure storage structure that is ideal for picking applications.

The adjustability of the shelving is still retained within a two-tier system like this thanks to the modular Trimline components used, each shelf can be adjusted vertically every 25mm which helps to create specific shelving areas to suit the stock being stored.

Space within a retail stockroom is usually very limited but still has to provide storage for many different product types whilst holding enough stock to supply demand. When there is sufficient headroom available, Two-Tier mezzanine shelving is the perfect solution for retailers providing maximum storage capacity whilst retaining easy access for staff members.

Upper level of a 2 Tier shelving system 2 Level Shelving Racks EZR Two Tier Shelving Systems

A choice of flooring types are available for 2-tier shelving to suit different requirements, retail stockrooms often take advantage of our wire mesh panels that can improve the effectiveness of sprinkler systems during the breakout of fire.

Raised aisle shelving does not usually affect the building's rateable value but does require building regulations approval and we can include this (if required) as part of the project.

Mezzanine Shelving

Mezzanine shelving systems can effectively double the square footage of your existing storage area by using the often wasted, vertical space. Raised aisle shelving systems are perfect for warehouses and distribution centres and are commonly used for archive storage or bulk parts and retail goods storage.

The ground floor shelving provides a basis to support the raised walkways, a metal staircase adds further rigidity to the whole structure and allows easy access by staff members to the upper levels of storage.

Because mezzanine shelving solutions utilise the full height of the building, there is no need for extra heating or lighting. This combined with the savings of not expanding your existing warehouse or moving to new premises, makes it all the more cost-effective to use a tiered shelving system.

Mezzanine storage systems are best suited to big industrial units where they store high densities of documents or for holding stock ready to be picked for mail order fulfilment. However, even smaller stockrooms can benefit from the stock capacity increase that mezzanine shelves provide - as long as there is enough ceiling height.

Multi-tier shelving in a warehouse Upper floor of a mezzanine racking system Multi-Tier Longspan Racking Raised Walkway

The bottom level of shelving is used as a support for the upper levels, because of this there is no need to build a costly structural mezzanine floor. If you are just starting out, or if you want to increase your storage racking in controlled stages, a base layer of shelving can be supplied that allows extra tiers to be easily added in the future to cope with the demands of your growing business.

Raised Aisle Racking

Mezzanine Floor Shelving SolutionsThis raised racking system (shown right) has long runs of shelving that provides a cost effective solution with a staircase at each end, the central position of the staircase enables a rectangular footprint that fits well into the existing building.

The raised aisle shelving uses galvanised steel shelves and solid steel backs to prevent items from falling from the upper level. This style of storage structure is the most cost-effective solution for utilising the height available when shelving is used at ground floor and first floor levels.

Raised storage platforms should not effect the rates value of the building but they do require building regulations approval, we can include this if required as part of the project. Contact us for further information and help with planning your next mezzanine shelving storage project.

Rack Supported Floors

Rack Supported Floor SolutionsRack supported floors are an ideal solution to create an open floor space above a shelving or racking system that can be used for bulk storage or additional shelving.

A floor over racking system is simply an area of shelving or racking with a lid on top that creates a floor accessed by a staircase. Rack supported floors are a cost effective way of providing additional floor space when shelving is being used at ground level and negates the need for a structural mezzanine floor.

Raised platforms require building regulations approval and we can include this if required as part of the project. The photo (above-right) shows an application with shelving on the upper level, however this is independent and can be removed to create an open 'mezzanine' floor area.

Contact us to arrange a free site visit to discuss the optimum solution for your needs.

EZR Mezzanine Shelving Solutions