Mobile Library Shelving Systems

Mobile storage shelving can easily double the storage capacity of an existing static library storage area reducing the floor space required for the storage of books and journals.

The movable library shelving storage system (shown below-left) has decorative end panels finished in different colours to mark out sections of books to make retrieval easier. Adjustable shelves are supplied to allow each section to be customised to suit different sizes of books, this flexibility allows the mobile system to be setup for maximum storage capacity and ease of use.

Library roller racking has an integral track and floor system providing a flush floor that is supplied with a grey non-slip finish, or can be tiled or carpeted to match the room it is located in. Mobile library shelving is normally supplied with rotating hand-wheels on each mobile unit for simple operation, push button safety locks are provided to secure the operating aisle for safe access to the books, ledgers and files.

We design each mobile shelving system to suit your library or book store requirements, enabling all of the available storage space to be utilised. Contact us today to find out more about our mobile shelving solutions and to obtain a bespoke quotation.

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