Museum Storage Shelving

Boltless Museum Storage Shelving Units

High value antique items in museums, auction houses and galleries all provide a unique storage challenge that requires flexible and carefully thought-out shelving systems. Due to the nature of the items being stored, the storage system needs to be able to cope with both delicate and irregular sized items whilst still providing easy access.

The solution shown in the main photograph uses the Trimline Boltless Shelving System to good effect for storing valuable artefacts. Slim posts and narrow shelf beams maximise storage capacity whilst carpeted shelves protect the priceless items from being scratched or damaged whilst in storage.

Shelving bays used in a back-to-back configuration provide a very flexible storage solution, the shelves on this application were set at uniform heights to create large storage surfaces - perfect for storing ancient rolled maps and charts!

Static museum shelving can take many forms and the best results come from a full consultation and a bespoke storage design that matches the profile of the pieces being stored.

Mobile Museum Storage

For high density museum or gallery storage, Mobile Shelving provides the most efficient use of valuable floor space and in most cases the capital cost is recouped within 12 months based on the square metre cost of the space saved. Mobile shelving systems provide high density storage to maximise existing storage space and to enable collections to be stored in a safe and protected environment.

Roller Racking For Museums & Galleries Heavy Duty Mobile Museum Shelving Roller racking example

The photo (above-centre) shows double depth, heavy duty roller racking with fully adjustable shelves to accommodate collections of large and bulky objects. Longspan racking components were fitted to large mobile base units that run on floor tracks, each run of shelving can be easily moved via the rotating hand-wheel to enable access to the next section.

Condensing storage racks in this manner yields the greatest space savings, allowing more collections to be stored on-site within the museum's main store room or archive.

Mobile Picture Racking

Movable Picture Racks

This system shown here has been designed specifically for holding numerous works of art that are not being displayed. The units provide large storage compartments that are capable of holding a wide variety of sized frames and each shelf level is clad with Linoleum or carpet to provide protection to the delicate frames (which can sometimes be more valuable than the picture itself) as they are inserted and removed from the storage unit.

The mobile picture racking units run on the same floor tracks and bases as all of our other mobile storage systems to make the best use of all available floor space. For added security, each racking section can be locked in a closed position to restrict unwanted access to the artwork contained within.

Our range of mobile picture shelving and units provide the storage density and the shelf depth required to accommodate the majority of pictures and paintings including those all important 'Grand Master' works of art.

Our high density museum shelving and art racking solutions are designed with preservation in mind to ensure that precious collections are stored safely and protected for future generations to enjoy.

When designing a mobile system our storage specialists will work closely with you to fully understand your storage requirements. This ensures that a solution is designed to suit your specific needs, whilst also fitting in with any budget constraints.

As a shelving manufacturer, we can supply very cost-effective, bespoke solutions to provide the best storage system for everything from large museums to small art galleries. Contact us today to find out more about our unique museum storage systems and to benefit from our free design service.