Wire Basket Storage Shelving

Wire basket shelving is widely used in trade counter and retail stockroom applications where loose product needs to be easily identified and accessed to fulfil customer orders. EZR's wire baskets fit into standard Trimline bolt-less shelving frames which makes them cost-effective and easy to adjust to your requirements.

Wire basket bays can be configured with a full compliment of baskets or with waist height baskets levels combined with standard chipboard shelves above and below.

The first image below shows a mail-order operation where baskets are used exclusively allowing good visibility of the loose product for easy picking. Long runs of basket shelving were created using a add-on bays attached to a main starter bay - this reduces the number of end frames required, reducing wasted space whilst also lowering the overall cost of the solution.

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Wire Basket Shelving Racks Shelving with wire basket levels Retail Clothing Racks With Baskets

This client had been using cardboard boxes on a mixture of second hand shelving which was inefficient and disorganised. This new wire basket shelving solution increased capacity by over 50% and improved pick rates and accuracy by nearly 20%.

A storage solution like this one can be designed around your specific needs and stock profile, our fully adjustable and modular shelving systems can be adapted for a wide variety of storage tasks. Contact us today to discuss how storage basket shelving can improve your business.