Heavy Duty Cantilever Arm Racking

When you need to store long lengths of base materials such as steel bars, tube or timber, you need a special type of storage rack known as a cantilever or vertical arm racking.

Inter-connected structural steel pillars support box section or girder style steel racking arms. These arms are either bolted or welded in place at 90 a degree angle - creating a strong framework. The inherent strength of this system allows heavy loads to be stored in a practical way. The open fronted design makes it easy for loading and accessing stock with a forklift or gantry crane.

There is not a general cantilever racking capacity for weight loading as every solution is configured differently but it is not unusual for each arm to be able to hold 1000kg or more. Thanks to these high load capacities, many clients have cantilever rack systems (with canopies) outside of the warehouse or factory to free-up valuable space indoors.

Vertical arm racks are used in manufacturing environments and large scale warehouse operations with the most popular application being used as timber racking systems in lumber yards and DIY centres. Each installation is different and can consist of anything from 2 small single frames to extensive full-length industrial solutions. Typical items stored on cantilever racking include:

  • Aluminium or PVC extrusions
  • Timber & wood based raw materials
  • Heavy pipes and tubes
  • Scrap vehicles
  • Worktops
  • Steel bar

If your warehouse or factory needs to store heavy or long items, a cantilever stacking rack system will provide you with a cost-effective, practical and long-lasting solution. 

Storage for long lengths of timber A Steel Cantilever Storage Unit

Factory bar racking


Design Considerations...

Every storage system must be based around the materials or products that need to be stored. An accurate and well thought-out cantilever racking system will not only provide the storage space you need, but also ensure a trouble-free integration into your warehouse operations. There are a number of options which determine how well a cantilever solution will work. The optimum overall height, arm length, arm capacity and column spacing will be the defining characteristics of any vertical arm storage project.

Take advantage of our free design service to create a storage rack that is suitable for your specific requirements. Our technical sales team will ensure efficient use of all available warehouse storage space.Lumber yards use heavy duty cantilevers as timber storage racks, other industries use this style of racking as pipe storage racks or sheet material racking systems. All of these materials have a tendency to bend if not adequately supported, in these circumstances a higher frequency of columns must be used. When storing round tubes, retaining pegs fixed to the end of every arm are used to stop items rolling off of the structure.

Choose from double or single-sided racking units in a range of sizes. Fixed, adjustable or removable arms are available to suit your working environment. Standard bar rack units are now available for sale online. If you have any questions or would like more information about our cantilever warehouse storage solutions, please contact us today.

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