Battersea Power Station Retail Centre Opens Today

The all-new Battersea Power Station Retail destination opens today after 10 years of extensive restoration and development to the original and iconic power station building. The coal-fired power plant first generated power way back in 1933 but now it is home to a large collection of retail shops offering a totally unique shopping experience.

Battersea Power Staiton Retail Destination

EZR Shelving has been working closely with several retailers to get their stockroom shelving systems ready for today's big opening. Space-saving roller racking systems have been implemented to maximise the capacity and increase stock density for hanging or folded garments. EZR Trimline shelving that is optimised for back-of-house stockrooms has also been used extensively throughout the installations. The racking bays had to comply with sprinkler fire safety regulations so were required to have strictly controlled racking heights and wire mesh shelves (thus allowing water ingress through each layer of shelving if the sprinkler system was activated).

Battersea Power Retail Stockroom Mobile