Covid-19 Leads To Increase In Demand For Office Lockers

Businesses are having to adapt to the new Covid-19 regulations to ensure their staff remain as safe as possible and to reduce the chance of the infection spreading. This is by no means easy when you have large offices that are normally full of staff. Many companies have been able to comply with the new rules by increasing the space between desks, fitting privacy screens and installing hand cleaning stations but businesses must now also concentrate on deep-cleaning office spaces (especially when desks are shared between shifts).

In theory, cleaning desks and workstations sounds simple enough but when you have to clean the mouse and keyboard, monitor, stationery, pens and even personal items for each desk, you can quickly see how long it would take to clean a whole office. To help reduce the time taken, many businesses are asking office workers to remove personal items and items that only they use from the workspace at the end of the day or shift.

A great way to encourage staff to clear their desks is to offer them their own storage lockers. These could be standard steel lockers that can be placed in a canteen area or hallway but there has been an increase in demand for lockers that are actually installed within the office itself. Obviously not all offices have space for a large locker installation but those that do can provide an ultra-convenient way for staff to put away and retrieve their items.

If you are thinking that lockers would look out of place in most offices, there is no need to worry. The vast array of locker styles and finishes mean that personal staff lockers can be installed within even the most modern and stylish offices without looking out of place. Solid Grade Laminate door lockers are a popular choice when quality and finish are high priorities, not only offering a wide choice of colour options but also adding an extremely durable door material that will last a very long time.

Take a look at the photos here showing some office locker installations. If you are thinking about office locker solutions for your business, call us today on 01993 779494 to discuss all the available options.

Storage Lokcers In Office Corridor