EZR Pallet Racking Upgrade For Batten & Allen

Heavy Duty Warehouse Pallet Racking

EZR shelving are pleased to announce the completion of another large warehouse racking project - this time upgrading an old pallet racking system for Batten & Allen in Cirencester.

Batten & Allen are leading designers and manufacturers of precision stampings and metal pressings. Their stock holding is made up of mainly rolled sheets of brass, aluminium and stainless steel but they also have to store large volumes of palletised cardboard packaging.

Their old racking system (shown right) had been fabricated on-site many years ago and had been performing well thanks to its very sturdy construction.

Fixed welded steel palet racking system

However, all was not well when health and safety questions were being asked regarding the load capacity of the racking.

Due to the age and bespoke nature of their pallet racking, there was no way to prove how much could be safely loaded onto the racks. Because of this, they had no option but to source a replacement solution.

Batten & Allen turned to EZR Shelving to help upgrade the warehouse racking within their main and backup warehouses as well as their cardboard store.

Factory pallet racking

After in-depth discussions regarding typical pallet sizes and anticipated stock levels the AR adjustable pallet racking system was chosen as the perfect replacement.

Featuring immensely strong frames and heavy duty beams capable of holding up to 2.5 tonnes per level, this new pallet rack solution provides the strength and durability expected of a warehouse storage solution.

The added benefit comes from the adjustable beam heights that can be set to suit differently sized pallets. This reduces the wasted space to an absolute minimum - something you can clearly see when comparing the old and new photographs.

Open slatted timber decks were used extensively within this project to cater for large, small or unstable pallets, wooden crates and even boxed goods. This simple addition not only makes pallets easier to place on each level but it also makes sure materials can be stored in the correct place, no matter how they are packaged.

Pallets of cardboard boxes stored on racking

The improvements of the new racking system have given a substantial 22% increase in stock capacity whilst also providing the required documented weight loadings for safe operation.

The adjustability of the new racks will prove invaluable as future stock profiles change, allowing the warehouse to adapt and evolve over time.

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