EZR's Top 10 Safe Manual Handling Tips

Taking care whilst moving large or heavy objects within the workplace can help reduce the chance of accidents and serious injuries occurring. Here are our six top tips for safe manual handling:

Manual Handling Tips

1. When lifting objects from ground level, always try to keep your back straight and use  your leg muscles for the actual lifting action.

2. Assess what needs to be lifted and where it needs to go. If you feel the load is too heavy/awkward or if the carrying distance is too long then seek extra help or make use of some manual handling equipment such as a platform trolley or sack truck.

3. When you need to lift items above shoulder height use an intermediary step to allow a safe change of grip.

4. Keep the load close to you with the heaviest side closest to your body.

5. Avoid twisting or leaning sideways, try to keep your shoulders and hips pointing in the same direction.

6. Look at where you are going and be aware of your surroundings, pay close attention to other people moving around you and potential obstacles.

7. Beware of rough or sharp edges, use appropriate gloves for protection against cuts and abrasions.

8. Take it slow and steady, especially with heavy goods. The job will take a lot longer if you end up at your local A&E department!

9. Don't overload trucks and trolleys. The heavier the trolley, the more difficult it will be top move, steer and stop. In extreme cases (where the loads exceed the capacity of the trolley) the wheels and/or chassis could fail.

10. Wear the correct PPE equipment for the environment you are working in. 

Turntable truck with boxes Platform trolley with heavy monitor

For further advice regarding safety in the workplace, visit the official HSE Website.