EZR Saves Space at Cabot Circus

Cabot Circus Shopping CentreE-Z-Rect supplied stock racking storage solutions to 10% of the retailers at the new Cabot Circus shopping centre at Bristol that opened on 25th September 2008.

Cabot Circus is the largest city centre shopping centre in the south west and leading blue chip retailers are paying premium rental for this prime retail space.

With rental costs approaching £100 sq/ft the use of non-retail ‘back of house' space has never been more important and the need to maximise stock density is vital.

A typical retailer has a stockroom that is 20% of the nett sales area and reducing this space can lead to huge cost savings.

EZR specialises in increasing stock density by using mobile roller racking that can reduce the size of the stockroom by 40%.

The photo below shows a solution for a leading shoe retailer that had originally planned to rent the unit above the shop for storage.

Mobile Shelving In Cabot Circus

The use of EZR's roller racking enabled a stock capacity of 4800 boxes within an area of 280sqft at the back of the store instead.

This solution has saved a significant annual rental cost this year and for the next 15 years of the lease.

Mobile shelving units are mounted on steel chassis that run on tracks that are mounted to the floor. The mobile units run up and down the track allowing the aisle to be moved so that the required shelves can be accessed.

Mobile units are hand wheel operated and have push locks for safety and security.