PUWER Regulations Mini Guide

Safety In The WorkplaceWith the aim of keeping people safe whilst at work, the PUWER regulations (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations - 1998) should play an important role in any business that requires people to operate machinery and equipment.

The regulations are there to help safeguard employers, employees, contractors, suppliers and anybody else who is expected to use machinery and equipment within the workplace.

The regulations are there to ensure that all workplace equipment is:

Suitable for the intended use

Maintained on a regular basis to ensure continued safe operation

Only used by people who have received appropriate training

Inspected by a competent worker with records kept

Ensure that all risks are removed or at least controlled via physical guards and/or safe working practices

This applies to larger companies, smaller business, non-profit organisations and even self-employed workers have a legal obligation to follow these regulations. It is the responsibility of the end user (not the supplier/manufacturer) to decide what equipment falls within scope of PUWER.

These regulations affect all equipment that is used within the workplace, the full list is exhaustive but here are a few examples:

Mobile Shelving/Roller Racking - Not always deemed to be a piece of equipment but mobile units do have rolling mechanisms and moving parts.

Trucks & Trolleys

Laptop/Tablet Charging Units



Hand Tools

Lifting Equipment

As you can see, there are items that you may not have thought would be affected. Basically, if somebody needs to use a piece of equipment to do a job in the workplace, you need to consider the safety implications.

For a more detailed information regarding PUWER, please visit the official HSE website: http://www.hse.gov.uk/work-equipment-machinery/puwer.htm

PUWER checks can be carried out by EZR Shelving to help your business stay within the regulations.

Download this mini guide as a PDF