Lancashire Records Office Audio Room

Not every project that we feature here on the website falls within the typical mobile shelving, archive storage or stockroom racking category. Sometimes we are asked to work on something a little different and this interesting project is one of those occasions.

Located within the Lancashire records office, there is a room dedicated to the preparation, transfer and backup filing of audio files. The room itself is quite small so every inch of space had to be utilised, this was achieved using several different storage solutions.

The first part of the project involved designing a bespoke work bench that could house backup computers and a monitor along with several audio mixers and tape reel players. Low level Trimline shelving units formed the basis for this bench, providing a stable platform to attach a high quality work surface that spanned the whole width of the room. Using 2 separate units separated by a gap in the centre left a perfectly sized opening for a single operative to sit comfortably on a chair.

Audio Room Bespoke Storage Solution

As you can see in the photograph above, the walls were also used to add even more storage capacity. Our twin slot shelving system provides high level storage shelving all around the room to store a variety of equipment, blank media, accessories and file boxes.

One of the most important parts of this solution are the under desk slide-out drawers. These are used to store an amazing collection of leads and accessories that can connect up just about any audio/video device you can think of.

Every shelf has a lipped edge all-round which helps to keep everything in place as the drawers move. Also stored on these roll-out shelves are a selection of old media players and VHS cassette players, many of which require access to the back of the units for connections - something made easier with this open-plan style of drawer system.

Small room storage solutions often require careful consideration and bespoke storage solutions to maximize the potential of the area.

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