Lingerie Storage Racks

Lingerie Racking UnitsStockroom Racking manufacturer EZR Shelving has developed a hanging garment racking solution for Lingerie retailers.

This garment racking system provided 327 linear metres of capacity for hanging garments and 131 linear metres of storage shelving for plastic storage boxes.

Lingerie Storage Racks have adjustable garment hanging rails enabling increased stock density for bras & briefs and nightwear with 6 drops of 450mm or 4 drops of 700mm.

Adjustable garment racking is ideal for stockrooms where extra capacity is required to achieve maximum stock density.

Garment racks provide double sided 'outboard' storage allowing lingerie to hang into the aisle for ease of stock picking and replenishment with 600mm aisle widths recommended for step ladders.

Lingerie garment racking is available up to 3m high and is floor fixed and top tied for stability.

This solution has double sided garment racking in the centre of the stock room with Storage Shelving around the perimeter for the storage of folding plastic boxes for storage of accessories.

Lingerie Racking System With Steam Rail

A steaming rail is incorporated within a storage rack and alongside is a garment racking unit for spare hangers.

This 800sqft stockroom provided storage capacity for 20,000 items of hanging lingerie and shelving for 30,000 items including briefs, hosiery, boxed bras and accessories.

EZR Shelving also supplies staff lockers and platform steps for retail stockrooms and roller racking to provide high density storage solutions.

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