New Shockproof School Lockers With Trespa Doors

Shockproof Trespa Door LockersLockers placed in a school or college environment need to be functional, strong and hard wearing, steel lockers are commonly used for their inherent strength and provide a cost-effective solution for many schools.

Unsurprisingly the weak area of any locker is the door, the opening and closing many thousands of times within the life cycle of a locker door can takes its toll and this is usually the first part that requires maintenance or replacement.

The Introduction of TRESPA laminate doors has revolutionised the school locker industry thanks to its multi layered construction that is capable of withstanding the knocks and scrapes of everyday use as well as the unwelcome vandalism and graffiti that can unfortunately occur within many schools. The clever design of the TRESPA material creates an impact, scratch, moisture and heat resistant door that should easily last the life of the locker itself.

Available with the same choice of 5 lock designs that all our standard lockers come with, TRESPA door lockers are the versatile storage solution that schools have been looking for. We recommend TRESPA lockers to all Schools, Colleges and Universities who are looking to either replace old, damaged lockers or to add additional lockers for extra capacity.

Trespa Door Locker Features:

  • 10mm Thick Solid Laminate Door
  • Active Coat Anti-Bacterial Technology
  • Impact ResistantMRSA Protection
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Tough & Hard Wearing 
  • Choose From A Selection Of Door & Carcass Colours
  • 1780mm High
  • 305mm Wide 
  • Choose from either 380mm or 460mm Deep Lockers

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