Office Mobile Shelving For Rowleys Accountants

Movable office filing systemEZR shelving supply many different types of mobile shelving and roller racking systems to a wide variety of industries but one of the most popular is mobile shelving for office filing.

Rowleys accountants had already been benefiting from a mobile filing system that was installed by EZR back in 2009. Five years on they have now outgrown their old offices and relocated to new larger premises.

Although the existing mobile could have easily been transferred across to the new location, the client decided to take the opportunity to invest in a new, larger mobile system to accommodate their growing file storage requirements.

The photographs here show the system in use, you can see how well optimised the shelves are with virtually zero wasted space. The shelves are adjustable and can be setup to suit just about anything that needs to be stored in an office. This system provides storage for over 1200 standard sized lever arch files, shelf dividers help to keep the file boxes in an upright position. A single end mobile unit completes the solution allowing the whole assembly to be closed and key locked for secure overnight storage.

This easy to use, high density solution has capacity for over 1200 standard sized lever arch files even with a single sided end mobile unit that allows the whole assembly to be closed and key locked for secure overnight storage.

Mobile office shelving

Mobile shelving systems can be supplied in a large array of sizes and configurations to suit any storage requirement. The solution shown here neatly fits into a corner of the office that measures approx. 5 metres in length x 2 metres in depth - creating one central file store where documents can be conveniently accessed by the whole office.

For further information about the EZR range of mobile storage solutions please call 01993 779494, free site visits and quotations are available upon request.