School Outdoor Locker Solution

Outdoor School Storage

John Hampden Grammar School needed additional lockers for students to store bags and sports equipment, but with a lack of indoor space the only option was to locate the lockers outside.

An area under an existing canopy was chosen and although covered, the sports lockers would still be exposed to the elements, so rust proof lockers were essential.

EZR’s outdoor school lockers were the solution; Aquacoat steel lockers use a new high-tech coating that totally protects steel from the elements making them ideal for use in damp and wet areas including swimming pools.

Plastic lockers were considered, but at around half the cost Aquacoat lockers provided better value and were available with wider doors to fit large sports bags.

The steel outdoor lockers have an impermeable primer coating providing excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Prior to painting, aquacoat lockers have an extra coat of primer developed by DuPont; Zero Zinc primer is formulated using High Density Cross-linking (HDC) Technology. This strengthens the barrier effect of the primer, to create a completely sealed coating that isolates the steel from the environment.

“DuPont’s new technology will lead to many more schools utilising their outdoor spaces for lockers” said EZR’s Andrew Musty, “finally we have a rust proof steel locker that only costs 20% more than standard lockers”

School Outdoor Lockers With Aquacoat

Outdoor lockers are ideal for schools and are available with Trespa doors, providing a hard wearing locker with impact and scratch resistant doors.

School outdoor lockers are mounted on stands, also benefiting from the anti-corrosion paint finish, to raise the lockers off the ground to allow air circulation and cleaning; locker stands have adjustable feet to compensate for uneven ground level.

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