Shelving Guide: Starter & Add-On Bays

Trimline Shelving Starter and Add-on Bay Graphic

The EZR shelving ranges encompass the starter and add-on bay principle, creating more cost-effective storage solutions when long runs of shelving are required.

Many other systems just use full bays of shelving stood next to each other which is both time consuming to build and costly. Trimline add-on bays are not only easy to install but also approximately 25 to 30% cheaper than full starter bays - this can provide substantial savings on project costs, especially for larger installations.

Building a run of Trimline shelving is simplicity itself, start off by constructing a starter bay (no nuts or bolts to worry about) then add-on to this framework with more beams and end frames until your shelving run is complete. The diagram (right) shows a typical configuration of a run of 3 bays made from 1 x starter bay and 2 x add-ons, each shelf can be adjusted up or down in 25mm increments to suit the stock being stored.

Another advantage of using the add-on bay system is the reduction in overall width thanks to there being 1 less frame to include. Often, areas like the alcoves can't be used efficiently for storage because two full bays of shelving would simply not fit in, our system can include shelving that uses all of the available width for maximum storage capacity.

All of our boltless shelving systems are available to buy online, if you have a specific requirement or would like to discuss your project with our advisors then please give us a call on 01993 779494.

Starter and add-on bays within a retail stockroom