Shop Floor Shelving For Pollyanna Shoes

Retail Shoe Storage Solution

The EZR Shelving team pride themselves on supplying the very best stockroom storage solutions currently available, this project for Pollyanna shoes demonstrates how easily E-Z-RECT Trimline shelving can also be used on the shop floor.

Pollyanna are specialists in providing high quality children's shoes and clothing from within their London store and online catalogue. This family run business has a great reputation for quality and customer service and their loyal customer base spans many generations.

The basement level of the shop was already being used as stockroom and sales floor combined but the existing stock racking was very tall and imposing - creating a dark and unfriendly space that neither aided promotion of the shoes or maximised the storage capacity of the room. EZR were called in to help transform the area into a true retail shop floor with enough storage to cope with the wide variety of shoes available.

Trimline shelving units supplied with 'soft grey' posts were used in a variety of configurations to achieve the end result shown in the photograph. The under-stairs storage is built via bolt-less shelving units of different height and widths to fit in with the triangular shape, shoe boxes lend themselves to this very well as they can be stacked in a way that makes use of all the available space.

Stockroom Shelving TrolleyThe central storage and display unit that runs through the centre of the room is built from 2 lengths of racking fixed back-to-back with an over-sailed white top shelf for shoe display. A shelf width of 1220mm was selected to allow 7 shoe boxes to fit next to each other with virtually no wasted space. With enough space to stack 7 boxes high and up to 3 levels deep, each individual shelf can hold nearly 150 shoe boxes.

Unlike many other shelving systems, Trimline units offer a full width clear entry shelf that allows every millimetre of space to be used without fear of boxes being trapped behind posts or brackets - the perfect solution for high density shoe storage.

Out of sight behind the main shelving unit is a bespoke Trimline shelving trolley located in front of a raised alcove (typical of many old London buildings) which can be moved to reveal bespoke shelving units installed precisely within the alcove. This demonstrates how EZR Shelving will explore every potential storage space to offer increased capacity in any stockroom.

Soft grey posts are a standard option for all Trimline shelving and are a popular choice when the shelving is to be used in a front of house retail setting like this, neutral coloured shelving bays can also be easily moved from a stockroom onto the sales floor to help with seasonal promotions.

This is just one of the many shoe racking solutions that EZR Shelving have provided for their customers over the past 25 years, view some more examples of shoe box storage or call 01993 779494 for help and advice.