Pallet Racking Safety Tips

Pallet Racking In A WarehousePallet racking systems offer the most cost-effective solution for storing large quantities of palletised goods. Their inherent strength and durability make them perfect for use in warehouses, factories and distribution centres but care has to be taken to ensure the racks are safe to use no matter what the application.

Whether you are designing a new pallet racking solution or using existing storage racks, there are many things to consider to ensure maximum safety. To help you achieve the safest warehouse storage solution for your business we have compiled a list of pallet racking safety tips, try to implement as many as you can in your storage facility:

  1. Always purchase new pallet racking from a respectable supplier. Used items may be cheaper but you will not know the history or specification of the components.
  2. Have new racking installed by professionals. Pallet racking is generally very tall and capable of holding substantial weights - if something goes wrong the results are often catastrophic.
  3. Ensure all parts are secured to the floor and all beams are sitting correctly within the frames, locking pins inserted.
  4. Load signs, check you have them installed and that all loads adhere to the stated capacities.
  5. Ensure all loads are safely positioned on the racks, irregular shaped or unstable pallets should be on the floor level. When using smaller than standard sized pallets, use wire mesh or slatted timber decks for correct support.
  6. Install guard barriers as well as upright and corner protectors to safeguard vulnerable areas from damage.
  7. Do not make fork lift trucks squeeze through narrow gaps - this is a common cause of accidental damage.
  8. Install walkway barriers to keep pedestrians away from fork lift trucks.
  9. Retain a clear path to all fire exits.
  10. Keep aisles clear from debris - providing waste sacks at the end of every row can help staff keep the warehouse tidy.

All of these tips will help to ensure your heavy duty pallet racking remains a safe and secure warehouse storage solution. If you have an doubts as to the safety or integrity of your existing pallet rack systems then please enquire about our racking inspection services.

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