EZR wins 'Drive-In' Project

Drive-In Pallet Racking

E-Z-Rect are proud to announce the completion of a £100k + project using drive-in pallet racking to store 3500 pallets for S&C Timber.

S&C Timber has enjoyed significant growth recently from their flat pack furniture business and a recent up-turn in sales, from a leading high street retailer, required the company to greatly increase stock levels.

S&C's requirement was to store 3500 pallets and although the volume of each item was high the number of SKU's was low.

Stock rotation was not an issue as the product will not perish so a FILO ‘First In Last Out' solution was proposed using Drive-in pallet racking.

Drive-in racking is one of the most space efficient solutions for pallet storage and this project used only 60% of the floor space that would have been required for standard wide aisle pallet racking.

The scheme uses 57 lanes each 5 pallets high and 12 pallets deep and the system has been designed with two lane widths to accommodate different pallet overhang. The photograph shows the completed pallet racking installation with some of the 3500 pallets loaded.

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