Stockroom Solutions At Knightsbridge, London

Steel storage drawers within shelving unitsOver the past few years EZR Shelving have been helping a prestigious retail store in Knightsbridge, London to improve their stockroom storage systems.

The on-going upgrades to the back of house storage areas have provided extra capacity and more convenient storage. A diverse range of storage units have contributed to the on-going project, most of them built using the E-Z-Rect Trimline shelving system.

The most recent installation (shown here) took place in the stockroom for men's underwear/nightwear. The EZR designers worked closely with the store's retail floor managers to understand the stockroom operation. The effort to optimise every aspect of this solution contributed to a cost-effective and efficient retail stockroom upgrade.

The stockroom is split into two sections. The first area has provision for 4,500 pairs of boxer shorts and briefs, stored on a combination of shelves and bespoke storage drawers. This dual layer method provides high density storage without sacrificing accessibility.

Specially designed drawers for packaged boxer shorts fit within the Trimline shelving frames, each one deep enough to suit the standard sized packaging box. Using drawers like this allows the size and information labels to be face up as the drawer pulls out, helping to reduce the time it takes to find an item. The upper three melamine shelf levels provide practical storage for 2000 of the boxer shorts with very little wasted space.

The second area houses a large number of folded garments wrapped in polythene bags within pigeon hole shelving units. This type of storage is perfect for pyjamas, where 20 cubby holes in each bay store distinct groups of product. Each style has its own stock location, making it easy to select the right item. Long runs of pigeon holes have the added benefit of letting staff members visually see all current stock levels with a quick glance.

A unique ventilated sloping roof system supplied the finishing touch to these shelving units. This innovative solution prevents loading of the top shelf whilst also keeping the correct clearance for the sprinkler system.

The installation of the shelving was made more difficult due to the location. The area (shown left) had previously been an access ramp, thus leaving a substantial slope to work with. Thanks to the frame and beam construction of Trimline shelving, this was overcome by 'stepping' the shelves down the slope. The result forms a structure much like a row of terraced houses on a steep hill.

The customer's target storage capacity was achieved and installation completed over two nights to avoid disruption to the business - helping to maintain this retailer's high standard of customer service.

EZR Shelving provide class-leading stockroom solutions to many of the UK's leading retailers and fashion brands. For help and advice on how to transform the way your stockrooms work, call 01993 779494.