Where Do Old Formula 1 Cars Go?

For those people who have the enviable dilemma of deciding how and where to store their collection of old racing cars, here is one solution - This example shows EZR Shelving's Industrial Pallet Racking being used to store old Formula 1 cars for a company who specialise in the storage and logistics for racing cars to race teams and private collectors.

Storing several cars on warehouse racking may sound extreme but with current Formula 1 cars weighing less than 500kg, the car storage racking used here can easily cope with the demands of this idea with plenty of capacity to enable the storage of ancillary items as shown in the photographs.

Formula 1 Car Storage Racking

Pallet racking is a versatile storage solution suitable for many businesses, not every business will have several multi-million pound racing cars to store but if you have a specific requirement for heavy duty racking, we have the solution, call our sales team on 01993 779494 for a free no obligation quote today or email us.