Warehouse Shelving Systems

Many warehouses are dominated by large heavy duty racking systems which do not lend themselves to the order picking requirements that many retailers tackle on a daily basis. The solution is to install warehouse shelving bays that can be customized with storage boxes or picking bins creating flexible and easy to use storage areas - ideal for small products.

Our warehouse shelves can be used equally well for expansive distribution centres or small scale retail operations and thanks to its modular design, extra bays can be easily added to grow with your business.

The solution shown in the photographs (bottom-right and centre) was designed for a leading lingerie retailer to enable quick and simple order picking from their extensive range of over 20,000 products. Each medium duty steel shelving bay allowed the installation of 5 cardboard picking bins and with 8 rows available this created 40 bin locations per bay with minimal wastage at either end or between shelves.

Our commercial grade Trimline shelving is the ideal picking shelving rack system for warehouse environments, slim upright posts and shelf beams help to maximize as much of the the usable storage space as possible without compromising usability.

Adjustable shelf beams support a choice of chipboard, melamine, mesh or steel shelves depending on the application, this particular warehouse solution used chipboard shelf decks to provide the most cost effective solution.

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Industrial warehouse shelving EZR Warehouse Shelving Solution Hundreds of warehouse shelves


The distribution centre shown (above-left) features our E-Z-RECT Type 1 heavy duty industrial shelving with special wire shelves and is used for storing industrial, safety and fastener products. With large shelving and racking projects like these there are often conveyor belt systems and packaging stations to work into the overall design, our many years of experience as suppliers and manufacturers of warehouse shelving systems will ensure you achieve the very best solution based around the specific needs of your business.

If your business has a requirement for industrial warehouse shelves or any other kind of heavy duty racking solutions then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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